Windows Home Server RC

August 7, 2007 at 4:46 pm 1 comment

Maybe you’ve heard of it? A pretty nice concept for lots of homes; a central server to do backups of all connected PCs and a central set of shared folders to, well, share with the connected PCs. Windows Home Server (WHS) will also stream media from the shared folders to, say, an Xbox360. The server runs headless too, so you don’t have another monitor and keyboard to deal with.

Once I downloaded the WHS package I created the Install DVD and the Connector CD. I installed WHS on an old 2.6 gig P4 machine I had sitting around. Since the install disc is a DVD, you have to make sure whatever you install it on not only has a DVD drive, but that it will boot from that DVD as well. I bought a 500GB internal ATA drive and Setup seemed happy with it.

Once Setup was complete I shut the server down and relocated it to a spot on the floor next to my desk. Power and network cables only. I inserted the Connector CD into my PC and was informed that using the Run As Administrator option was not supported. (You’re not still running as an Administrator on your machine, are you? I’m sure you’ve created a normal user for all normal use and type in an Administrator password when necessary.) No worries. I switched to my Admin user and installed the Connector. I logged out as Administrator and back in as my regular user.

I had a new item on my Programs menu, I clicked it and got the remote interface for my new Windows Home Server:


I created a user that matches my PC username/password (so I could make use of the shared folders.) I shut down WHS and copied some files into the Music, Photos, and Videos shared folders on my PC. I went out the Xbox and removed the previous connections to my PC and created a new connection to the WHS. Easy-peasy. Music, photos, and videos all streamed from WHS to my Xbox. Now we can share the Xbox’s display capabilities with all the PCs in the house.

I’ll post another report after I’ve had some experience with the PC backup parts of WHS. Here’s the link to the Windows Home Server site for more screenshots and information: link.


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  • 1. mando  |  August 8, 2007 at 6:28 am

    Hmm, sounds too easy. Either it’s too well designed, or your are just getting that good handling anything Windows.


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