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I was in a snit this weekend. I was not happy with the amount of spam I was getting in some of my older email accounts, I was dismayed by the poor performance reports I’ve been reading about Windows Defender, I’ve been wondering about the effectiveness of the Windows Firewall re: outbound traffic (zombies and bots, you know), and I seem to be using a corporate version of anti-virus software that I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be using.

I spent the weekend playing with spam filters, spyware/adware removers and preventers, personal firewalls, and anti-virus software.

This is the part where you expect I’m going to tell you about each package I read about looked at installed and then uninstalled until I got down to my current configuration, which I’m quite happy with, by the by. Not this time, sorry. I’m just going to get right to what I’m currently running.

AVG Free edition for anti virus, CounterSpy for spyware/adware,iHateSpam for spam removal, and Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall, for, well, a firewall.



AVGFree status

AVG Free edition does automatic AV updates, can schedule a daily scan, and is pretty well reviewed around the web. Unexpectedly, AVG Free includes and an Outlook add-in and very quietly scans all my emails for viruses. I did have to poke around in the console to turn off some messages to make it a bit less intrusive, but I’m happy with my choice. AVG Free edition requires registration to get your free license, but it’s still free.


CounterSpy status

CounterSpy does daily updates, lets me schedule daily scans, and includes some nice system tools, too. An annual license for CounterSpy is $19.95

CounterSpy tools



IHateSpam Outlook integration

iHateSpam installs an intuitive toolbar in Outlook and automatically allows mail from everyone in your Contacts list to get to your mailbox. So far it’s been really effective in sorting and quarantining the 50-100 daily spam emails I get on some of my oldest email addresses. I did have to go poking about in various configurations to get the notifications turned off, but in the end it works silently in the background as I wanted it to. An annual license for iHateSpam is $19.95


Personal Firewall

Kerio Personal Firewall

The biggest advantage of the SKPF is it examines outbound and inbound traffic. It looks way cooler than the XP Firewall, too. An annual license for Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall is $19.95


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