Giving up on Linux

January 12, 2007 at 5:14 pm 1 comment

This time I tried using Ubuntu 6.10 32-bit on my Gateway notebook PC to see if maybe my other troubles (touchpad, sound, and wireless) were more 64-bit driver problems than Linux problems.

After the nice Ubuntu install ran I still had the same issues (I didn’t notice the touchpad issue with the 64-bit try until after I stopped using my USB wireless mouse). I downloaded Automatix again and used it to install NDISWrapper so I could use the Windows drivers for my wireless card. Of course Linux had no idea what to do with the drivers in the .EXE file I downloaded from Gateway, so I had to execute the file on my Windows machine and then thumb-drive the files to the Linux machine. PITA. Anyway, once I told NDISWrapper where the .INF file for my card was it handled the rest and now the wireless card worked.

I rebooted the machine (mostly to see if NDISWrapper was a system or a session fix) and the touchpad mysteriously worked now. Mysterious…

I spent a couple of hours on various forums trying to track down workable drivers for the sound card and got nowhere. Lots of people having this same problem with this particular NVidia chip set and no solutions.

Since having no sound is not an option for me – especially on a notebook computer – I’m now in the process of re-installing Windows MCE 2005.


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  • […] Oh, and remember when I tried to load Ubuntu on this same laptop? Generic video, no wireless card, no sound card? I guess you need older hardware (that has a chance of having Linux drivers) to get Linux working. Vista gets along just fine with this laptop. […]


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