Virtual Server’s Little Brother

November 3, 2006 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

OK, I messed around with VS 2005 R2 and VS 2005 R2 Beta1 for a long time again today and I never did clear up the VMRC authentication problem so I just went ahead and used the workaround to create a basic Win XP SP2 VM. When I went to create a Win 2K3 VM I discovered I couldn’t create any virtual hard disks because either the drive doesn’t support that type of drive (dynamically expanding) or because there was no room on the disk (fixed). I checked and found 99 GB free on the drive, which should have been enough for a 16GB drive. The drive I put my virtual hard disks on is an external drive that’s formatted as FAT32, but I couldn’t find anything in the docs or online about needing an NTFS drive. And besides, I’d just created a dynamically expanding disk for the XP VM.

Frustrated, I uninstalled VS 2005 (again) and installed Virtual PC 2004 SP1. The XP VM I created under 2005 worked fine (OK, there was a scary warning message when I first started it up, but it was a pretty basic VM so I didn’t worry) and I successfully created a fixed 16 GB virtual disk on the same drive VS 2005 wouldn’t let me create one on before.

Anyway, much happy patching later I’ve got my basic test environment VMs and some basic XP and Win2K3 VMs that will shorten the process when I need more VMs.

Now to do it all again on Vista. Another day, perhaps.


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Virtual Hard Disks Special Comment by Keith Olbermann

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